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, really negative. this has become a very emotional story in the uk and around the world, it seems. and blood on your hands is the phrase that keeps coming up. they obviously didn't intend this. these weren't journalists. they were comedians, if anything, and they gave it a go and it went through. there's a lot of criticism here that this should be tried. you have reported, i know, on the privacy laws in this country and the tabloid journalism and the pressure around that. and so this was seen as completely inappropriate. and it's come out with a worse possible ending as well. >> it's just an awful, awful event. max foster, appreciate you being with us. >>> a 21-month-old girl was caught up in an adoption battle. that's ahead. first, kyung lah with the "360 bulletin." >>> the republican chairman on the house intelligence committee says the u.s. has a moral obligation to act immediately if there's concrete proof syrian troops have loaded chemical weapons that are ready to be launched. this video posted online which cnn cannot independently verify purports to show syrian missiles tha
of this great nation and in other countries of the world. i'm getting phone calls from russia, portugal, uk, people cannot believe what's happening here. people in, like, i was in virginia, i went to d.c. to see our senators on capitol hill. >> you already did that? >> yes, yes i returned this morning. >> do you feel that there is a possibility for change? >> definitely. we met with senior aids to president of the united states. valerie jarrett and she told us this is a personal priority for our president. he is making a personal commitment to advance this cause, to make our schools safe to make our public safe. this should not be a partisan issue this should be an issue for the entire nation. we should join the ranks and we should create policies that are balanced that would -- >> lillian for you, you want to have a civil discussion about this. >> very much so. >> but you want something to come out of this. >> absolutely. i'm not the only one. all of the funerals and wakes i've attended, people have to have it be a civil discussion and change now. there's actually a group now that has form
're not taking any chances on this one. this is one of the best hospitals in the uk. i have to say there's been a
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)